What Makes Tagging to Meet the 1919.147 Different from Any Other Type of Industrial or Hazard Tagging?

Tagging to meet the 1919.147 is unique because it is a critical part of the lockout process for potentially hazardous energy. It is exclusively for energy and cannot be used for any other kind of tagging or hazardous identification needs. The need for a tagout system in this circumstance is intended to aid in communication during the servicing and maintaining of equipment that specifically poses a risk for hazardous energy. Overall, lockout tagout OSHA complaint tags must be:

Standardized by either shape, size, or color. Print and format must be standardized. Not used for any other purpose. Clearly warn of hazardous conditions. OSHA recommends one of the following ; Do Not Start, Do Not Open, Do Not Close, Do Not Energize, Do Not Operate. Withstand certain conditions and make for easy use within a specific type of environment.


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