What are the different types of safety tags?

Safety tags are used as warning signs for temporary hazards on different procedures and equipment, including forklifts, gas cylinders, equipment inspection, lockout tagout, electrical safety, and more.

The hazards that may exist in the workplace are classified according to their severity; consequently, it is important to determine which type of tag is suitable for usage. Here are some of the most common types of safety tags:

  • LOCKOUT TAGOUT SAFETY TAG – part of OSHA safety measures to regulate energy during equipment servicing or maintenance, when an unexpected starting might result in injuries.
  • INSPECTION SAFETY TAG – keeps track of regular inspection dates and indicates the condition of ladders, scaffolds, fire extinguishers, and machinery.
  • BARRICADE SAFETY TAG – provides the conditions for accessing a regulated area as well as communicating critical information regarding risks, installation, and removal timeframes.
  • MACHINE SAFETY TAG – indicates potentially dangerous equipment, documents machine inspections, or identifies machinery that is out of service or should not be used.
  • LADDER SCAFFOLD SAFETY TAG – includes details regarding limitations, restrictions, and any other safety information relating to the particular scaffold.
  • CONFINED SPACE TAGS –  specifies certain locations that are restricted, dangerous, and require permits to enter. It also aids in the communication of entrance permissions, personnel in confined spaces, inspections, and occupants.

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