Standard Ball Valve Lockout Device – 1.5”-3” Pipe Diameter

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The best tools are the ones that are simple yet highly efficient and easy to use. TRADESAFE’s standardball valve locking device is an example of a device with a simplistic yet effective design. It’s made for quick and easy lockouts that are nonetheless reliably secure. 

  • One (1) red standardball valve lockout device
  • Keeps the handle in the off position
  • TRADESAFE is an American-owned and -operated company
  • 100% OSHA compliant when used properly
  • Compatible with gas valves, water valves, or other valves that require LOTO
  • Padlock hole diameter: 0.4"
  • Padlocks not included

Sturdiness and Durability

TRADESAFE understands the importance of making sure that safety devices like standardball valve lockouts are reliable and highly durable. This is why TRADESAFE’sball valve lockout is designed and manufactured with the highest standards in mind.

It’s made of A3 steel, a high-quality tool steel. It also has a red plastic coating that prevents rust, thus further preserving the integrity and quality of the steel plate. With these materials, this ballvalve lock out device is sure to withstand heavy use and can last for a long time.

Single-Piece Design

Unlike otherball valve lockout devices, this device comes in a single, solid piece. There are no moving or removable parts, which means that there are fewer chances that you’ll damage or lose a part.

Additionally, the device is also designed to function efficiently. Once it’s installed and secured, the handle will remain in the off position until the lock is removed.

Easy and Secure Installation

Because thisball valve lockout device is designed to function as a single piece, installing it is easy and takes less than half a minute. Simply ensure that the valve handle is in the off position, then slide the device over the handle. Once the device is in place, install the lockout tagout lock.

Securing theball valve lockout device with a padlock is also easy. Simply slide the padlock shackle through the correct holes, then lock the padlock. The whole process can take less than half a minute from start to finish. Though the installation is quick, it can reliably protect you from hazardous energy.

OSHA Compliance

Compliance with the OSHA Standard for The Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout) (29 CFR 1910.147) is vital to the safety of every employee on site. That’s why we make sure that all of our products help workplaces remain OSHA-compliant.

TRADESAFE products are made with the requirements for lockout tagout devices in mind. These are the requirements pursuant to OSHA Standard 1910.147:

  • Durable: Devices must be able to withstand exposure to the environment in which they will be used for as long as necessary.
  • Standardized: Devices used in a facility must be standardized according to color, shape, or size.
  • Substantial: Devices must be difficult to remove without the use of excessive force or techniques that are not typically used to remove the devices. They should also be able to prevent accidental removal.
  • Identifiable: Devices must be able to identify the employee who applied them.
  • Exclusive for Safety: Devices must not be used for any purpose other than controlling energy.

TRADESAFE: A Trusted USA-Based Partner in Lockout Tagout

  • TRADESAFE is a USA-based company well-versed in OSHA regulations
  • People-centered supplier of safety products
  • High-quality products made of heavy-duty and durable materials
  • Constant innovation and continuous adaptation to new standards

TRADESAFE is your partner in safety and we always keep the seriousness of that role in mind. That’s why all of our lockout tagout products are industrial-grade and meet regulatory standards. They are all ideal for use in the lockout of electrical and many other energy applications.

We don’t want to just be your supplier. We want to be your partner. For this reason, we approach things differently. Each and every day our team works to improve our products and the services we provide to the great people and businesses that put so much faith in us.

TRADESAFE is a USA-based company. This helps us stay up to date on the latest OSHA safety standards. We are inspired by the American worker and we are honored to help keep you safe from harm and hazards.


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