How can I write a review on a product?

There are 3 different locations where you can write a review. Here they are:

Amazon Product Review

There are 4 easy steps to submit a review on Amazon Product Review:

  1. Go to the product page of the item you purchased and scroll down until you find the “Customer Reviews” section. For easy access, you may proceed to the “Your Orders” menu on your account.
  2. Click “Write a customer review” in the Customer Reviews section, and fill in as much information as you’d like, including text, photos, or videos.
  3. Select a Star Rating. A green checkmark shows for successfully submitted ratings.
  4. Once you’re satisfied with your review, click “Submit.”

However, take note that only those who met the minimum eligibility requirements are able to write a review. Please see Amazon Community Guidelines for more information.



You can write a product review on our website in 3 simple steps:

  1. On any product page, scroll down, and you will see the “Customer Reviews” section, which includes a “Write A Review” button on the right side.
  2. Click on that button, and fill in as much information as you’d like, like Name, Email, and your Comments. You may also provide your rating and attach a photo of the item you received.
  3. Once done, click “Send Review.” Note: It may take up to 5 business days before it appears on the website.


 Third-Party Seller Feedback

Third-party seller feedback lets other customers know about your experience after you order an item from a third-party seller. Here are 4 easy steps to leave your feedback:

  1. You can either go to:
    1. Leave Seller Feedback;
    2. Or “Your Orders” and select Leave Seller Feedback.
  2. Find your order.
  3. Select the options that best reflect your experience.
  4. Once you’re done, select Submit Feedback.

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