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Estaciones Lavaojos de Montaje en Pared

Los accidentes ocurren y la mejor manera de mitigar los efectos de estos accidentes es estar bien preparado. Asegúrese de tener un suministro de agua limpia y fresca cerca en caso de una emergencia con la ayuda de estas estaciones de lavado de ojos montadas en la pared.

Estas estaciones de lavado de ojos son instalaciones de herramientas esenciales en las que los empleados están expuestos a una amplia gama de peligros. Si una sustancia dañina entra en contacto con los ojos de alguien, estas estaciones de lavado de ojos pueden ayudar a prevenir o minimizar las lesiones.

Estas estaciones de lavado de ojos no solo están hechas de materiales de primera calidad, sino que también son fáciles de instalar. Al colocarlos en lugares estratégicos alrededor de sus instalaciones, podrá tener la tranquilidad de saber que sus empleados están debidamente protegidos.


How high should an eyewash station be mounted?

An eyewash station should be mounted so that its nozzle is as high as 33 to 45 inches from the ground. The nozzle should also be at least 6 inches away from any obstruction to ensure that it’s easily and quickly accessible in an emergency.

Where should eyewash stations be located?

There should be an easily accessible eyewash station within 10 seconds or 55 feet of a known hazard. This way, if someone is exposed to a hazard and gets a harmful substance in their eye, they won’t have to wait longer than 10 seconds to flush their eyes. This can be helpful in mitigating possible injuries.

Do eyewash stations have to be plumbed?

No. Both portable and plumbed eyewash stations are acceptable, as long as they have a constant supply of clean water and are placed in the right locations. However, according to ANSI Z358.1, plumbed eyewash stations do need to be activated every week for a long enough period to ensure that the eyewash station works and water is readily available.

What is a wall-mount eye wash station?

Wall mount eyewash station units are mounted directly to the wall for more flexibility. This means that they can be installed almost anywhere without representing an obstruction.

What material is used to manufacture TRADESAFE wall mount eyewash stations?

TRADESAFE wall-mount eyewash stations are engineered with premium quality materials. Stainless steel is one of the most durable metals, proving corrosion and rust resistance. Therefore, TRADESAFE wall mount eyewash stations are guaranteed to withstand the harsh conditions of an industrial workplace.

Should eyewash stations be identified with a sign?

Yes. All eyewash stations within the workplace should be identified with a highly visible and understandable sign. Signs should have an accompanying image on it so language barriers would become less of an issue especially for workplaces with diverse workers.

What are the types of flushing liquid that can be used for eyewash stations?

Water is the most common liquid used in eye wash stations. However, there are also other forms of acceptable flushing liquids such as a saline solution or a 100 percent sterile saline. Regardless of the type of liquid used or the type of eyewash station, proper station maintenance and regular liquid change should be observed. Furthermore, it’s important for workers to be properly trained by a professional on what other types of solutions can be used.

How frequent should flushing liquid be maintained?

Depending on the solution used for the eyewash station, it will require regular maintenance. Some solutions expire within 3 or 6 months, so it is necessary for these stations to be cleaned and refilled. If the eyewash station is only using water, regular clearing is still required to avoid bacteria, sediment or mold that can get accumulated.