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Absorbentes solo para aceite

Los aceites pueden ser difíciles de tratar y limpiar. Sin embargo, con estos absorbentes solo para aceite, el trabajo puede ser mucho más fácil. Es útil tener a mano estos absorbentes para limpiar aceite de motor derramado, líquido de frenos, aceite de cocina y más.

Asegúrese de utilizar las herramientas adecuadas para los diferentes tipos de derrames. Los absorbentes solo para aceite de TRADESAFE están hechos de materiales de primera calidad y son altamente confiables cuando se trata de la gestión de derrames de líquidos.


What are oil absorbents?

Oil-only absorbents are absorbents that are made specifically for absorbing oil-based liquids. These absorbents can come in the form of absorbent pads, pillows, and socks. They’re also made of hydrophobic and oleophilic materials, which means that they won’t be able to work on water-based liquids, but will be able to soak up oil-based liquids.

Is an absorbent enough to clean up an oil spill?

This depends on the amount of oil spilled. Typically, an absorbent made of synthetic materials can absorb up to about 70 times its weight in liquid. Absorbents can contain spills of a manageable size, but larger spills will need the involvement of other cleanup methods.

What polymer absorbs oil?

Oil-only absorbents are typically made of a kind of polymer, a synthetic material. Polypropylene is a common material used in oil-only absorbents because of its hydrophobic and oleophilic properties. Other oil-absorbing polymers include polyurethane and polyethylene.

How do you clean up an oil spill on land?

Oil-only absorbents can be very helpful when an oil spill occurs on land. Absorbent socks, for example, can prevent the spill from spreading further, and absorbent pads and pillows can be placed directly on the spill itself to make removing the liquid easier.

However, while absorbents can be helpful, other interventions may be necessary depending on the amount of liquid spilled.

Can I use oil-only absorbents in any type of liquid spills?

Given its name, oil-only absorbents can only absorb oil and fuel, NOT water. Oil-only pads are ideal for soaking up and containing liquid spills and drips. You use oil-only pillows to contain mass oil leakage and persistent drips. To avoid the further spread of an oil spill, use oil-only socks to contain it in a small area.

How much liquid can TRADESAFE Oil-Only Absorbents absorb?

It depends on the size of the absorbent material you are going to use. For your reference, here is a current list of TRADESAFE Oil-Only Absorbents, their dimensions, and absorbency per piece:

  • Pads,  15” x 19”: 0.6 L (20 oz.)
  • Pillows, 18" x 18": 7.5 L (2 gal)
  • Socks
    • 3” x 4’: 5.25 L (1.4 gal)
    • 3” x 8’: 10.55 L (2.75 gal)
    • 3” x 12’: 15.75 L (4.15 gal)
  • 3-Layer Roll: 288 L (76 gallons)

Do TRADESAFE Oil Absorbent Socks also work for diesel and fuel?

Yes. All TRADESAFE Oil-Only Absorbents can absorb diesel, fuel, and other oils.

Are TRADESAFE Oil-Only Absorbents lint free?

Yes. Their high-quality fiber construction does not leave any fiber or lint residue after use.

Which oil-only absorbent is most appropriate for blocking leaks on a machine?

TRADESAFE recommends you use oil-only absorbent socks to block leaking liquids around a machine. They can act as a fence to stop the spill from further spreading. If the machine in question also spills water, it will be better to use universal absorbent socks so that they soak up both water and oil.

If an oil-only absorbent reaches its maximum absorption capacity, will it sink?

No. It is designed to remain afloat even in full-saturation status. This is why it is ideal to be used on cleaning up oil spills on any body of water.