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Spigot Lockout

Protect your water sources from unauthorized use, theft, and tampering with TRADESAFE industrial-grade Water Spigot Lock devices. Designed for superior durability and ease of use, these locks efficiently maintain water security in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

TRADESAFE Water Spigot Lock Out collection includes robust solutions that fit standard outdoor faucets, spigots, and hose bibs. Precision-engineered from premium materials, each water faucet lock provides enduring water security even in the most hostile environments. Each outdoor faucet lock comes with corrosion-resistant padlocks and keys, making them convenient to secure while allowing access only to authorized personnel.

Versatile and hardwearing, these faucet lock devices are ideal for securing water spigots found in homes, buildings, RVs, boats, irrigation systems, schools, apartments, and more. Safeguard your water resources with our top-of-the-line hose bib lock products.