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Almohadillas absorbentes

Las almohadillas absorbentes ayudan a limpiar los derrames y aseguran que su instalación esté preparada para accidentes y emergencias. Con almohadillas absorbentes como estas, los empleados tendrán una manera simple pero eficiente de realizar limpiezas preliminares cada vez que ocurran derrames accidentales.

Debido a que varias instalaciones industriales a menudo tienen que almacenar varios tipos de líquidos, es importante tener a mano estas almohadillas absorbentes. Se pueden usar para absorber derrames antes de que alcancen niveles críticos. Esto minimiza el riesgo de lesiones para los empleados y también reduce las posibilidades de que la sustancia filtrada se filtre a los sistemas de drenaje.


What is an absorbent pad?

Absorbent pads can come in rolls or in stacks of individual pads. A pad is flat and usually made up of a layer of absorbent material, and it doesn’t have a filling, unlike absorbent pillows or socks. Thus, absorbent pads are typically used for smaller spills.

How do you use absorbent pads?

Simply take an absorbent pad and place it directly on the spill itself. If it’s not a high-volume spill, absorbent pads may be able to suffice. Put as many pads down so that they cover the entire area of the spill.

What are white absorbent pads used for?

Typically, white absorbent pads are oil-absorbent. This means that they’re made of hydrophobic and oleophilic material. The pads will thus repel water-based liquids, but will easily absorb oil-based liquids. Make sure that you use the right kind of absorbent pads in accordance with the type of liquid spilled.

How is an absorbent pad different from an absorbent sock or pillow?

TRADESAFE Absorbent Pads are designed for quick and on-the-spot cleanup of small spills in a small area. This is an economical way to soak up fluids. On the other hand, use absorbent pillows for spills on a larger area as well as in places where there are recurring liquid leaks and drips. If a liquid spill is spreading fast, it is best to contain it with an absorbent sock.

Is TRADESAFE Absorbent Pad hazardous?

By itself and if unused, our absorbent pad is not hazardous and does not irritate the skin. Make sure to store it in a clean, dry place to retain its maximum efficiency when the time comes for you to use it. An absorbent pad becomes hazardous if you use it to clean up hazardous liquid spills. Ensure that you use PPE when cleaning up hazardous spills and immediately dispose of used pads in proper waste bins.

Do absorbent pads absorb water?

It depends on the type of absorbent you are going to use. As of the moment, TRADESAFE offers oil only and universal absorbent pads. Universal pads will absorb water, but oil-only pads will not.

What are TRADESAFE Absorbent Pads made of?

The outer layer of our absorbent pads (oil only and universal) is made of spunbond polypropylene while the inner layer is made with melt-blown polypropylene. We used 100% polypropylene material for our pads.

How big are TRADESAFE Absorbent Pads?

Our universal and oil-only absorbent pads are sized 15” x 19”. Each box comes with 100 pads.

How much liquid can TRADESAFE Absorbent Pads absorb?

Each universal or oil-only pad can absorb up to 0.6 L (20 oz) of liquid.

How to dispose of oil-only absorbent pads?

If the oil pads have NOT been used, you can have them thrown in a solid waste landfill. If you have already used oil pads to soak up oil, diesel, gas, and other hazardous liquids, they must be disposed of properly. Visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) website for more details on the proper disposal of hazardous waste.