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Almohadas absorbentes

Las almohadas absorbentes son muy eficaces para absorber una amplia gama de líquidos. Son confiables y versátiles, lo que los hace adecuados para diferentes instalaciones en diferentes industrias.

Podrán absorber y contener derrames y fugas. Esto ayuda a evitar que sustancias peligrosas entren en el medio ambiente. Además, estos absorbentes pueden ayudar a proteger a los empleados de la exposición a sustancias nocivas.

Comúnmente utilizadas en diferentes industrias, estas almohadas absorbentes están hechas de un material especial que atrapa líquidos y derrames. Varios tipos de negocios pueden confiar en las almohadas absorbentes de TRADESAFE para reducir el riesgo de accidentes que pueden ocurrir en caso de derrames.


What is a spill pillow?

An absorbent pillow looks much like a regular pillow, except that it’s made of absorbent materials that can soak up large amounts of liquids. Universal absorbent pillows can absorb a variety of liquids, while oil-only absorbent pillows are specifically made to absorb oil-based liquids.

What is a spill pillow used for?

If your facility has had a high-volume spill, an absorbent pillow can help soak up a lot of the liquid. Because absorbent pillows are designed specifically to absorb larger amounts of liquid, they can be instrumental in keeping a high-volume spill under control and making cleanups easier and more efficient.

How do I use a spill pillow?

To use an absorbent pillow to the best of its advantage, make sure that you put it directly on top of a spill. It will then start to absorb large amounts of liquid. If the spill occurred in a sloped area, you can put absorbent pillows at the bottom of the slope or in spots where the spilled liquid will collect or pool.

How should absorbent pillows be stored?

Make sure to store them in a clean, dry place away from direct sunlight or UV exposure. If you are using oil-bonding substances, store them separately from your absorbent products. Always leave absorbent pillows within reach in cases of accidental spills.

Do TRADESAFE Absorbent Pillows leave a residue?

No. We use high-quality fiber to construct our absorbent pillows so that they will not leave any residue after use.

How much liquid can TRADESAFE Absorbent Pillows absorb?

Our universal and oil-only absorbent pillows can absorb up to 7.5 L (2 gal) of liquid.

What is the shelf life of TRADESAFE absorbent pillows?

Our absorbent pillows do not have a shelf life. As long as you store them in a clean, dry place away from UV exposure or direct sunlight, they will remain in maximum efficiency for years to come.

What are TRADESAFE Absorbent Pillows made from?

The filler of our universal absorbent pillow is made with 100% polypropylene that has been melt blown, while the outer bag is made with abrasion-resistant non woven fabric. On the other hand, our oil-only pillows’ filler is also made with melt-blown polypropylene but the outer covering is abrasion-resistant spunbond fabric.

Are TRADESAFE Absorbent Pillows hydrophobic or hydrophilic?

It depends on the type of absorbent pillow you are going to use. Our universal absorbent pillow is hydrophilic so it will absorb hydrocarbon-based, water-based, and a range of other liquid types. On the other hand, our oil-only pillow is hydrophobic, so it is best for absorbing up oil that has been spilled on a body of water.

Why must we dispose of absorbents as hazardous materials?

If an absorbent material has never been used, it can be thrown in a solid waste landfill. However, if you have already used it to clean up the water or other hazardous liquids, it is best to dispose of them in accordance with the US EPA’s Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. Use only authorized hazardous waste transporters to dispose of your used industrial absorbents.