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OSHA has a number of regulations set in place to protect employees and the surrounding environment of any potential chemical spill. As such, industrial workplaces are required to have absorbents and kits ready to contain and isolate spills when it happens. Under 29 CFR 1910.120(J)(1)(vii), a spill kit is specifically required by OSHA to be available in areas where spills, leaks, or ruptures may occur. 

When working with hazardous liquid substances, no matter how careful one can be, accidental spills may still happen. A spill kit is a must-have when managing spills. TRADESAFE offers spill kits that include pads for for emergent leakage containment, pillows for persistent liquid drips and leaks, and socks for spill containment to avoid spreading. A disposal hazmat bag for saturated absorbent collection and cleanup as well as a reusable, refillable, and corrosion-resistant storage drum also come in our kits. 



Absorbent socks are ideal for spill containment in workshops, laboratories, construction sites, chemical plants, transportation, press industry, and other industrial workplaces where spill may happen. Here are TRADESAFE, our absorbents socks are not just OSHA-compliant, they are also made abrasion-resistant spunbond mesh filled with superfine melt blown polypropylene that allows absorption of most industrial liquids including but not limited to oils, water, solvents, and coolants. Furthermore, the formable sock easily hugs corners and surrounds machine bases to absorb leaks and contain liquid puddles. It can be applied as a fence to contain spill spreading. When disposed of, our absorbent socks do not leave any non-degradable residue after burning.



Absorbent pillow absorbs more liquid compared to other absorbent supplies, making it ideal for heavy-duty spill containment. TRADESAFE offers absorbent pillows made of abrasion-resistant spunbond mesh filled with superfine melt blown polypropylene that allows absorption of most industrial liquids. This compact-designed absorbent enlarges spill contacting area for quick liquid soak up and most ideal for mass liquid leakage and persistent liquid drips and leaks. 



Absorbent pads offer quick and easy spill containment solutions, making the most ideal for emergent leakages. Here at TRADESADE, our absorbent pads have distinct technology which allows it to achieve absorption in one second, 30-50 times faster than regular absorbent supplies. Moreover, this absorbent pad is not selective of the liquid it can absorb. Be it oil, water, solvents, coolants or other chemicals, any authorized worker can use this pad to contain the spill quickly. With its tearable and light-weight design, it allows on-the-spot application for cost-effective spill containment solution.



To be compliant with OSHA, industrial workplaces where chemical spill may happen should always have the right absorbents supplies available to quickly contain the spill. When hazardous chemicals drips out of its container, an authorized worker should quickly implement the company’s safety and health program concerning spill containments to avoid more damaging accidents and not just protect fellow workers, but also the environment. We at TRADESAFE are passionate about our commitment to providing reliable and durable spill solutions to every workplace. Hence, every absorbent supplies we offer are precision-engineered to be OSHA-compliant. Furthermore, we only use premium quality materials to ensure they can serve their purpose when used.


Oil only

OSHA 40 CFR 112.7(C)(1)(vii) provides that facilities that have the potential to pollute waterways must have appropriate containment and/or diversionary structures or equipment to prevent discharge oil from reaching a navigable water course. Oil-only absorbent supplies, as the name suggests, only absorbs oil and fuel liquids, not water. This absorbent is designed to absorb specific liquids so that in case an oil or fuel spill gets into the water, it can float on water to absorb the spill. This versatile and innovative sorbent solution does not sink even in full saturation status, and does not leave any non-degradable residue after burning. At TRADESAFE, we offer a range of oil-only absorbent solutions including pads, pillows, socks, kits, and absorbent rolls. Each of these absorbent solutions are crafted to be durable and reliable for heavy-duty use in any spill situation.


Sweep Off

Every industry has their own specific absorbent supply needs, depending on the chemicals and other liquids often used in their workplace. OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 requires a reliable spill containment program for every facility where spills may occur. Spills, when not contained quickly and immediately, pose serious threats to the workplace.

Absorbent supplies come in many different configurations to address different spill containment needs. Sweep off absorbents are most ideal for final clean up of oil spills on water because of their design and properties. TRADESADE, committed to its goal of providing efficient and OSHA-compliant safety supplies to any industry, offers a wide collection of reliable absorbent supplies for every customer to choose from.



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Absorbentes FAQs

¿Qué es un químico peligroso según OSHA?

La Administración de Salud y Seguridad Ocupacional (OSHA) define una sustancia química peligrosa como “cualquier sustancia química clasificada como un peligro físico o un peligro para la salud, un asfixiante simple, polvo combustible, gas pirofórico o peligro no clasificado de otra manera”.

¿Cuáles son los requisitos de OSHA para los kits de derrames?

Los kits de derrames deben incluir componentes que cumplan con los estándares de OSHA para una descontaminación adecuada. Hay diferentes tipos de suministros absorbentes y cada lugar de trabajo siempre debe tener los absorbentes adecuados para derrames de sustancias o químicos específicos.

Además, OSHA publicó HAZWOPER (Estándar de operaciones de desechos peligrosos y respuesta a emergencias), que destaca los estándares aceptados cuando se trabaja con sustancias peligrosas. Aunque el proceso de contención de derrames generalmente no se puede estandarizar porque varía de un lugar de trabajo a otro, las industrias deben observar HAZWOPER en cualquier trato con sustancias peligrosas.

¿Qué es SPCC?

Estándares SPCC para la prevención, control y contramedidas de derrames. El propósito principal de SPCC es prevenir derrames de petróleo. Si el derrame ocurre, proporciona pautas específicas sobre cómo contener y limpiar adecuadamente el derrame.

¿Se requiere capacitación en contención de derrames?

Los suministros absorbentes son inútiles si los trabajadores no saben cuándo y cómo usar dichos materiales en la contención de derrames. La capacitación es obligatoria para todos los lugares de trabajo para garantizar que todos los empleados conozcan y comprendan el proceso de contención y limpieza de derrames. También se deben cubrir los diferentes tipos de peligros que se pueden encontrar y se debe brindar capacitación práctica sobre cómo usar correctamente los suministros absorbentes.

¿Es realmente necesario disponer de material absorbente en el lugar de trabajo?

La Administración de Salud y Seguridad Ocupacional (OSHA) 29 CFR 1910.120 establece que cuando existe la posibilidad de derrames en el lugar de trabajo, debe implementarse un programa de contención de derrames. Esto ya incluye la necesidad de disponer de suministros absorbentes para cualquier tipo de derrame que pueda ocurrir. Diferentes sustancias líquidas requieren tipos específicos de absorbentes. Por lo tanto, las empresas deben asegurarse de mantener suministros de absorbentes adecuados y confiables para los productos químicos que manejan.

¿Se puede reutilizar un kit para derrames?

Los kits para derrames están diseñados para un solo uso. No se permite que ninguna industria reutilice un sorbente una vez que ya se haya utilizado para absorber el derrame. Después del uso, los kits de derrames deben desecharse de manera adecuada de inmediato.

TRADESAFE, a US-based, American-owned company, is genuinely committed to providing the best industrial safety devices and supplies to every workplace. As a trade partner, we always strive to deliver premium-quality products to our customers to  help them prevent or minimize workplace accidents. We are eager to be a one-stop shop for any industry safety need. Our wide assortment of products include lockout tagout products, eyewash stations, workplace signs, and absorbent supplies.

There is always a possibility of liquid chemical spill no matter how much caution any industry takes. When absolute avoidance is unlikely, safety measures are still required to ensure no one neglects the imminent dangers in dealing with hazardous chemicals. OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 states that when a large spill may occur, a spill containment program shall be implemented to contain and isolate the entire volume of the hazardous substance. As such, it helps to have readily available spill-control absorbents to comply with OSHA standards. TRADESAFE offers highly efficient and first-rate absorbent products that can contain accidental spills before they cause any serious dangers. We have absorbent kits, socks, pillows, pads, oil-only, sweep-off, and universal absorbents that can help keep hazardous liquids from harming employees or contaminating the surroundings. Simply, we have a solution to every spill problem you may have. Each of our absorbent supplies is OSHA-compliant and guaranteed to be durable and reliable.