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safety shoes required notice sign

Wall Signs

Workplace safety can be achieved with the use of correct industrial safety devices and supplies. Signs are one of the common tools used in the workplace to communicate hazards and help maintain safety and security. Generally, signs are used to convey information across different work areas. Installing wall signs on every critical location ensures important information is noticed by workers. 

Here at TRADESAFE, we value every worker’s safety. We endeavor to provide different industries with the right safety materials to help them run their businesses smoothly. Our wide selection of safety signs include wall signs that primarily communicate warnings and information within the facility. These ready-to-use signs meet the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and ANSI Z535 regulations. Furthermore, each wall sign is engineered using waterproof and corrosion-resistant materials, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

pedestrian traffic only floor sign

Floor Signs

When workers’ safety is the number one priority, industrial facilities should invest in quality and reliable safety materials to ensure hazards can be prevented or minimized. Floors, though often ignored, should be properly marked to increase workplace safety and improve communication across different work areas.TRADESAFE offers a wide assortment of floor stickers that are ready-to-use and compliant to OSHA and ANSI standards. With anti-slip, waterproof, light reflective, and wear-resistant properties, TRADESAFE floor stickers are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use in harsh workplace environments. Engineered using the highest quality materials only, they can easily handle heavy-duty industrial traffic, withstand chemical and other liquid spills, and resist UV damage. Furthermore, they are guaranteed to be durable and able to maintain its text and colors even after a long time of use.

first aid station spanish aluminum sign

Spanish Signs

Communication is vital in any industry. In a workplace where people speak different languages, it is highly important to ensure there is clear communication with everyone. Safety signs become less relevant when not all workers understand the message. 

Any workplace should be flexible to accommodate the needs of its employees. It cannot be considered a safe working environment when some workers are unaware of vital safety information. Spanish signs help ensure spanish-speaking employees stay alert and informed of workplace hazards. Light reflective, waterproof, and UV-resistant, TRADESAFE spanish signs are not just temporary safety solutions but are built to withstand even the harshest workplace conditions. These signs can be placed inside and outside the workplace because they are made of premium materials.

lost time accident aluminum wall sign

Safety Scoreboards

Every industry endeavors to minimize and prevent workplace accidents. Different industrial devices and supplies are used to help reach the goal of ensuring every worker goes home safely everyday. However, businesses should not just focus on putting up warning signs on every corner to communicate hazards, but also promote job safety. Safety scoreboard is an effective reminder and encouragement to workers on why they should take all the necessary precautions to avoid workplace accidents.

TRADESAFE offers a premium selection of safety scoreboards to choose from. Each scoreboard is engineered to be durable, reliable, and highly visible so employees can easily see them. We understand how demanding a work area can be, so all our workplace signs are designed to withstand even the harshest work environments. 



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Señales de seguridad en el lugar de trabajo FAQs

¿Cuáles son los principales tipos de señales que se encuentran en un lugar de trabajo?

La serie de normas ANSI Z535 reconoce cinco tipos de señales: señales de peligro, señales de advertencia, señales de precaución, señales de aviso y señales de instrucciones de seguridad.

Las señales de peligro presentan un texto blanco sobre un fondo rojo y deben usarse para los peligros más peligrosos en el lugar de trabajo.

Las señales de advertencia presentan un texto negro sobre un fondo naranja e indican que existe un peligro grave en un área de trabajo.

Las señales de precaución cuentan con un texto negro sobre un fondo amarillo y se utilizan para situaciones peligrosas que pueden provocar lesiones leves o moderadas.

Los letreros de aviso cuentan con un texto blanco sobre un fondo azul y están diseñados para transmitir otra información no relacionada con la seguridad y cuando no hay peligro inminente en el área.

Las señales de instrucciones de seguridad cuentan con un texto blanco sobre un fondo verde y transmiten información relacionada con la seguridad.

¿Cuáles son las herramientas y materiales de seguridad que puedo usar junto con las señales?

El letrero es la comunicación visual más común utilizada por la mayoría de las industrias. Sin embargo, también están disponibles otras formas de comunicación visual, como cintas para pisos, formas para marcar pisos, etiquetas de vinilo y etiquetas de bloqueo y etiquetado. Estos materiales también se utilizan para comunicar información sobre peligros y seguridad en el lugar de trabajo.

¿Todos los letreros se pueden montar en la pared?

Los letreros de pared están diseñados para montarse en la pared. Los letreros de piso están destinados a ser pegados a los pisos.

Cuando se instala incorrectamente, un letrero puede causar confusión en lugar de garantizar una comunicación efectiva.

¿Aceptan diseño personalizado para letreros?

Nuestros letreros disponibles para el lugar de trabajo son letreros listos para usar que cumplen con OSHA y ANSI. A partir de ahora, no aceptamos letreros diseñados a medida. Si necesita algo muy específico, envíenos un mensaje a hello@trdsf.com para que podamos ayudarlo.

¿Todos los letreros realmente tienen símbolos en ellos?

Sí. Un símbolo es una forma efectiva de comunicar peligros, advertencias e información, especialmente en un lugar de trabajo donde los empleados hablan diferentes idiomas. OSHA ha agregado el uso de un símbolo de alerta de seguridad en su estándar de señales de seguridad. ANSI, por otro lado, tiene un estándar específico con respecto a los símbolos, que se puede encontrar en ANSI Z535.3 . Por lo tanto, para que un letrero en el lugar de trabajo cumpla con los estándares OSHA y ANSI, debe tener un símbolo como parte de su diseño junto con un mensaje conciso.

Do all TRADESAFE English workplace signs have an equivalent Spanish sign?

Currently, only a number of workplace signs have an equivalent Spanish sign. Most of our signs are in English, but we would appreciate it if you can tell us what you need in Spanish so we can add it to our collection soon.

TRADESAFE is a US-based company committed to only giving the best safety solutions to our trade partners. We engineer every industrial device and supply to withstand every kind of work environment, while adhering to ANSI and OSHA standards. Our wide assortment of workplace signs include wall signs, floor stickers, spanish signs, and safety scoreboards. Each of these signs are crafted using the best materials and subjected to meticulous quality control before making it available for you, our trade partner. 

We have been in the industry for many years and we have been consistently delivering superior safety tools and supplies that range from lockout tagout devices, workplace signs, absorbents, and eyewash stations. Our partners range from small enterprises to large corporations, both public and private entities. We take pride in our knowledge of OSHA and ANSI standards, so when you do business with us, you are guaranteed that each product meets and exceeds such standards. We are focused and driven on our goal of providing only the best industrial safety devices and supplies to our customers.