What are the different types of push button switches?

Push button switches ensure full control over the operation of a piece of equipment. There are different types of push button switches as seen on different machinery.

  • Flush push button switch - comes with an actuator flush and mountain ring, this is typically used to avoid accidental activation.
  • Extended push button switch - this has a ¼ inch actuator elevated from the mountain ring which allows for easier activation. This is typically used for prominent commands on the control panel.
  • Mushroom push button switch - this has an actuator with a larger diameter than the standard button, hence the mushroom shape. This is used for emergency stop buttons due to the increased visibility and actuation.
  • Emergency stop push button switch - this demands more activation to reset a function.
  • Illuminated push button switch - this type of push button switch is integrated with LED for actuating and illuminating purposes.
  • Double push button switch - this has two controls in one body to save space and costs.

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