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Safety Scoreboards

These safety scoreboards by TRADESAFE are designed to be durable, easily readable, and visible from a distance. These signs can be clearly seen even in low light and can help make your workplace safer and more productive.

A safety scoreboard is a visual display that shows the safety performance of a company or a department. A typical scoreboard will also show trends over time and help validate if the safety improvements made by the organization actually work.

Workplace Safety Scoreboards are a way to make sure the employees know what is going on in terms of safety. Apart from being a sign of good management, workplace safety scoreboards can also work to boost employee morale and trust. When employees see that their employers care about their wellbeing, they will be more inclined to perform better.


What are job safety scoreboards?

A job safety scoreboard displays the number of days that have elapsed since the last time an incident occurred in the workplace. The higher the number, the better.

What is the importance of job safety scoreboards?

Industrial scoreboards also provide an easy way to keep track of the organization's safety performance over time. They are a valuable tool that can help employees have a better understanding of workplace safety issues. They can also keep the employees in the loop regarding the state of safety procedures in the facility.

Does OSHA require the use of safety scoreboards?

Safety scoreboards are a good addition to the workplace but they are not strictly required by the OSHA. As long as your workplace follows safety practices, uses accident-prevention safety signs and tags, trains people for safety, and more, you are already compliant. Visit the official OSHA website for more compliance guidelines.

What kind of safety scoreboards are there?

You can choose between an LED or non-LED scoreboard. A non-LED scoreboard is made with industrial-grade aluminum. You may record the number of injury-free days using water-soluble markers or magnetic number cards. 

On the other hand, a LED safety scoreboard needs a direct power supply to run. It includes a remote control that you can use to program the numbers appearing on the LED counter display. Depending on what you need, some LED signs have color-coded lights (typically green, yellow, and red).

Should I get a LED scoreboard or a traditional scoreboard?

Both LED and traditional safety scoreboards serve their purpose, so you can opt for either one of them or both. Since TRADESAFE aluminum safety signs are coated with a light-reflective film, they will remain visible even in low-light conditions. As such, traditional scoreboards are a more economical option.

On the other hand, LED scoreboards can offer more visibility but are dependent on a consistent source of power. It may also have more customization options than a traditional one. As of the moment, TRADESAFE only offers aluminum safety scoreboards but we will consider having LED signs in our collection in the future.

Does TRADESAFE offer magnetic numbers for the scoreboards?

Currently, TRADESAFE does not offer magnetic digits for our scoreboards, but we will keep this suggestion in mind as we develop our range of safety products. For now, you can use water-soluble markers to write on our aluminum signs.

How long do TRADESAFE safety scoreboards last?

With industrial-grade aluminum construction, and UV-resistant and waterproof properties, TRADESAFE safety signs and scoreboards are meant to last through the years exposed to various weather or harsh industrial conditions. Our safety scoreboards are durable and corrosion-resistant.

Do you customize scoreboards with our brand logo and own message?

As of the moment, TRADESAFE does not offer customized safety scoreboards. We will keep your suggestions in mind as our future product offering.

People Also Ask

Where should safety scoreboards be placed?

Safety scoreboards are a way to motivate people to follow a safety mindset all the time. It is recommended to place it where everyone can see it, like in break areas, or entrances and exits.

Are safety scoreboards OSHA required?

No. There are no OSHA or other federal regulations stating that safety scoreboards are required. However, plants and factories are using it to help promote safety.

Do safety scoreboards really work?

Yes, safety scoreboards do work. Job safety scoreboards improve awareness of safety in the workplace which ultimately decreases accidents from happening. Having a safety scoreboard that displays a high number of safe work days can encourage employees to work safely. After all, nobody wants to see the score reset.

Why should I invest in safety scoreboard signs?

It is always good to invest in safety. Safety information signs such as job safety scoreboards help promote better safety in the workplace. A regular reminder of safety progress in the workplace can encourage employees to be more careful, focused, and safety-conscious. Safety scoreboard signs are one of the most effective ways to keep safety at the forefront of your worker’s minds.

Can job safety scoreboards be placed outdoors?

Depending on the type of job safety scoreboards you use, these signs can be placed indoors or outdoors. TRADESAFE Job Safety Scoreboards are made of premium quality aluminum which is water and UV-resistant. This makes our safety scoreboards ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. With industrial-grade construction, all TRADESAFE workplace safety signs can endure even in the most hostile environment.