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Push Button Lockout

Push buttons operate many types of machines and equipment in different facilities. Often, the simple push of a button can energize a machine and possibly endanger employees servicing or performing maintenance on or near that machine. These incidents, however, can be avoided by installing a lockout device, such as a push button lockout.

These lockout devices act as safety covers that can be permanently installed and do not need to be reapplied every time LOTO is required. Their lids can be left unlocked and open so personnel can easily access the switch when machines are operational. But, when the machines must be locked out, the lids may be lowered and secured with LOTO locks.

TRADESAFE provides a selection of push button lockout and emergency stop button lockout, all manufactured of premium-quality materials to meet OSHA lockout tagout standards and the demands of an industrial environment.


What is a push button lockout?

A push button lockout is a lockout tagout device that prevents unauthorized access to push buttons and switches that energize machines. When a machine needs to be locked out as part of a lockout tagout procedure, a push button lockout covers the button or switch so unauthorized personnel will be unable to physically access and re-energize the machine

How do you unlock a push button lock?

Push button lockout devices are secured by a lockout tagout lock. Once the LOTO lock has been engaged, unauthorized personnel will not be able to open the push button lockout to access the button or switch. Only the employee who applied the LOTO lock will be able to remove it and thus unlock the push button lockout.

Instead of LOTO padlocks, can hasps be used to lock a push button lockout?

TRADESAFE push button lockouts are designed with padlocks holes to accommodate a loto padlock for added security. However, if a padlock is not available, a hasp can be used instead. However, a hasp will not provide the same level of security compared to a keyed padlock.

How to install TRADESAFE push button lockouts on emergency stop buttons, switches, and controls?

Push buttons come in different designs. An appropriate lockout device should be used in locking out a push button to ensure it is effective. The most common type of e-stop button lockout is a transparent box-type or round-shape push button lockout. TRADESAFE push button lockout devices are easy to install. The base of a push button lockout device has a hole that fits over the button so that it may become accessible once the lockout device is opened. The hole also ensures that the button’s functions will not be affected by the push button lockout device. The device can be permanently installed with an adhesive.

The lockout device comes with aligned padlock holes so that it may be secured with a padlock once closed. The padlock must be tagged accordingly to relay information to other workers.

Are removable push button lockouts better than permanent lockouts?

This will depend on several factors such as the nature of the industry, the design of the machine, and the number of people involved. Permanent emergency stop button lockouts ensure that switches and controls are always safe  from unauthorized access. Furthermore, it can promote standardized and systematic lockout procedures in the workplace.

What are push button lockout devices made of?

Push button lockout devices are typically made of durable plastic. This material is often transparent so that the button or switch located inside is easily visible. This also makes the push button lockout device highly impact-resistant and difficult to break. As such, it is difficult to tamper by unauthorized personnel.

What sizes are available for push button lockout devices?

Push button lockout devices come in round, square, or rectangular shapes of different hole sizes to suit different buttons or switches. It is important to get the push button lockout device in the correct size for a snug fit and secure installation. One may also opt for an oversize push button lockout device that fits a wide range of emergency buttons.

TRADESAFE offers round- and box-type push button lockouts that can accommodate medium to extra large push buttons. Furthermore, these lockouts can cater to push/pull, twist-release, and other types of push button switches.

What are the benefits of using push button lockouts?

Push button lockouts primarily protect unauthorized access to push buttons and emergency controls. Other benefits include:

  • Convenient and fast lockout whenever necessary
  • Low-profile lockout device that does not obstruct push button function
  • Visual indication of off-limits buttons while being see-through to identify the push button

What is the purpose of the e-stop button?

OSHA requires the presence of a means to immediately de-energize a machinery in case of emergency. The main purpose of an emergency stop button or e-stop button is to immediately shutdown a piece of machinery without causing additional hazards. In most cases, machines have e-stop buttons to comply with OSHA standard. These push buttons are typically located at control stations.

What are the different types of push button switches?

Push button switches ensure full control over the operation of a piece of equipment. There are different types of push button switches as seen on different machinery.

  • Flush push button switch - comes with an actuator flush and mountain ring, this is typically used to avoid accidental activation.
  • Extended push button switch - this has a ¼ inch actuator elevated from the mountain ring which allows for easier activation. This is typically used for prominent commands on the control panel.
  • Mushroom push button switch - this has an actuator with a larger diameter than the standard button, hence the mushroom shape. This is used for emergency stop buttons due to the increased visibility and actuation.
  • Emergency stop push button switch - this demands more activation to reset a function.
  • Illuminated push button switch - this type of push button switch is integrated with LED for actuating and illuminating purposes.
  • Double push button switch - this has two controls in one body to save space and costs.

People Also Ask

What is the advantage of push buttons?

Only a simple touch and you can already operate a machine. It makes the process of the machine operator easier. However, push buttons are more vulnerable to be turned on and off accidentally. That is why a push button lockout should be used during repair or maintenance activity.

What is the purpose of two hand push button?

Two-hand controls ensure the operator’s hands are away from the danger zone of the machine.

What is the difference between push button and toggle switch?

A toggle switch is pushed up and down or left and right to switch an electrical circuit using an operating lever. While a push button switch is a two-position device actuated with a button that is pressed and released.

What is the difference between stop and emergency stop?

Regular stop is part of the process in operating a machine. While emergency stops are used during abnormal operations especially to prevent a personnel being in danger. It means everything should stop immediately, including motors, valves and other hazardous parts.