Collection: Push Button Lockout

Push Button Lockout

Push buttons operate many types of machines and equipment in different facilities. Often, the simple push of a button can energize a machine and possibly endanger employees servicing or performing maintenance on or near that machine. These incidents, however, can be avoided by installing a lockout device, such as a push button lockout.

These lockout devices act as safety covers that can be permanently installed and do not need to be reapplied every time LOTO is required. Their lids can be left unlocked and open so personnel can easily access the switch when machines are operational. But, when the machines must be locked out, the lids may be lowered and secured with LOTO locks.

TRADESAFE provides a selection of push button lockout and emergency stop button lockout, all manufactured of premium-quality materials to meet OSHA lockout tagout standards and the demands of an industrial environment.