Collection: Portable Eyewash Stations

Portable Eyewash Stations

TRADESAFE’s portable eyewash stations are a reliable and long-lasting safety solution for any workplace or facility. They are ideal for emergency situations that require immediate access to clean water for flushing the eyes. These eyewash stations are important to have in a wide range of industrial facilities to avoid any potential injuries.

Durable and industrial-grade, these eyewash stations are durable, reliable, and can be easily utilized in any indoor or outdoor environment.


What is a portable eyewash station?

A portable eyewash station is a facility that provides clean water that can be used to flush hazardous materials from the eyes. There are different kinds of eyewash stations, including ones that can be permanently installed. However, a portable eyewash station is designed to be a temporary fixture and can be moved from one place to another.

What is the OSHA requirement for eyewash stations?

OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.151(c) lays out the requirements for eyewash stations. According to this standard, employers are required to provide “suitable facilities” for flushing the eyes and body in areas where the eyes and body may be exposed to “injurious or corrosive materials.”

How long do portable eyewash stations last?

While the portable eyewash station itself can last for a long time, the water stored in it needs to be changed regularly. Some eyewash stations contain water with a solution that only lasts for 120 days, after which the water needs to be replaced. If an eyewash station is filled only with potable water, any remaining water will need to be drained and refilled every month.

What material is used for TRADESAFE portable eyewash station?

TRADESAFE portable eyewash stations are designed and manufactured with stainless steel to provide durability, efficiency and reliability. Stainless steel is an ideal material for these eyewash stations. They provide corrosion resistance which ensures these stations can withstand extreme industry conditions for a long period of time.

What temperature should the flushing liquid be?

According to the ANSI standard, the ideal temperature of the solution should be between 60-100°F. Any temperature below or higher than that range can become harmful to the eyes and the skin.

Is maintenance of a portable eye wash station the same as other types of eyewash stations?

No. Portable eyewash stations contain a very limited amount of flushing fluid. Because of this, regular maintenance is critical to ensure it performs as it should and there is always enough fluid inside the containers. These units should be charged all the time in case of an emergency.

Can TRADESAFE eyewash stations be placed in low temperature areas?

Yes. Keeping in mind that there is a specific range of temperature the fluid should be in, all eyewash stations exposed to low temperatures should have a heating device that can keep the solution from becoming too cold or freezing.

Should I get a plumbed eyewash station or is portable better?

This will depend on the needs of your workplace. Plumbed eyewash stations are a reliable choice for any emergency within the workplace. Workers can quickly remember where the eyewash station is placed because it stays in one location only. Furthermore, a constant flow of liquid is more guaranteed compared to portable eyewash stations.

On the other hand, portable eyewash stations allow flexibility on the locations where it can be placed. This can allow an easy change of location in case of a hazard change in the workplace. For most workplaces, it is ideal to have both plumbed and portable eyewash stations. 

Why should eyewash stations receive maintenance?

Whether the eyewash stations contain a different solution other than water, or if it's only water, they should receive regular maintenance. If not cleaned and maintained, the flushing liquid may be contaminated without the workers knowing and may worsen an injury when used. Furthermore, pipes can be clogged or some parts may rust. OSHA and ANSI require regular cleaning and maintenance of eyewash stations.

How to clean an eyewash station?

Cleaning an eyewash station is easier than it seems. The materials to use should be a simple household detergent solution with hot water and a soft sponge. You only need to grab the sponge and apply the solution to the surface of the eyewash station. After that, rinse any soap residue with the hot water.