TRADESAFE Product Warranty Terms

All of our products are warrantied for a period of FIVE (5) years. This limited warranty is broken into two halves:

  • The first TWO (2) years is a full replacement warranty.
  • The second THREE (3) years is a prorated warranty.

The entire FIVE (5) year warranty period is measured from the original date of purchase of the original product and applies only to the original purchaser. (If the original purchaser gifts or sells the product, the new owner takes the product “as is” and “with all faults.”)

Warranty claims are to be made at the point of purchase directly through the original retailer, dealer, distributor, or seller.


What does our product warranty cover?

We'll repair or replace your TRADESAFE product if it develops structural or manufacturer defects due to faulty workmanship. For example, this would include physical flaws like cracks in the plastic and loose latches not allowing a device to secure or function properly. Do note, this is subject to limitations specified in this warranty.

This warranty also covers deterioration in the structure material that causes a potential concern for safety and not caused by regular use or exposures.

Our product warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, such as a normal break-in, reduction in sheen or wearing down of surfaces and or labeling. Even the best products can't last forever and will only last as long as they are properly used and handled.

During the first TWO (2) years, in the event that we in our sole discretion determine that your product defect is legitimate as per this limited warranty, your sole remedy will be a repair or replacement of your product with a comparable model. In the event that your size and/or model is discontinued, we will provide the most comparable version as a replacement at our sole discretion.

In the event that your product defect warrants a repair, during this period, we will handle the cost of the repair and shipping. Of course, if we have to replace your product, we'll cover all replacement costs, as well.

During the second THREE (3) years, also known as the prorated period, we will replace your product for a portion of its cost. The cost of replacing your product will be 50 percent of the original purchase price, plus you’ll be responsible for all shipping costs during this period too.

Our product warranty is only valid for customers within the continental U.S. and Canada. For customers in Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada, we can only deliver your replacement product to either a freight or express forwarder you’d coordinate with or to another address within the continental U.S. These customers in Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada will be responsible for any freight or delivery forwarding fees or shipping costs during the whole 5 years. For all other customers, our product warranty does not apply.


What Voids the Product Warranty?

Modifying or removing components, signs of excessive force or other damage unrelated to proper use.

TRADESAFE products are designed to be used by trained safety experts and may not withstand environments or procedures they are placed in by untrained people or facilities.

Please note: the climate, environment, conditions, exposure to extreme temperatures and UV light, and contact with some chemicals will all have an impact on the longevity of all our products.  Even though our products are made to withstand many adverse conditions that doens’t meant that they wont be affected by them or that the product can resist them indefinitely

Products marked final sale or acquired by unauthorized third parties or suppliers are not eligible for the TRADESAFE warranty.

These warranties do not apply:

  • To damage caused by you
  • If there has been any repair or replacement of parts by an unauthorized person
  • If the product has been mishandled (whether in transit or by other means), subjected to physical or electrical abuse or misuse
  • To damage to products not caused by proper use
  • If there has been any modification of the product
  • To costs for unnecessary service calls, including costs for service calls solely for the purpose of educating you about the product
  • When over exceeding the product capacity or uses not intended
  • If you purchased the product from an unauthorized third party or reseller.

Some states do not allot the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, therefore the above limitations or above exclusions may not apply. The warranty gives the Purchaser specific legal rights. The Purchaser may have other rights which may vary from state to state. This product warranty is valid in all 50 states. However, customers located outside of the continental U.S. will be responsible for shipping costs and coordinating with an express forwarder to receive replacement parts or product.

If you encounter any of the covered defects with your TRADESAFE product, we’ll be happy to work with you on finding a resolution. Just email us at to initiate a warranty claim and we’ll discuss the next steps.


What do you need to file a warranty claim?

An original receipt or proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims. During the warranty claims process, you may be required to provide proof of the quality, design, condition of the product, and information on who was its handeler.

For additional information regarding the product warranty, please contact TRADESAFE customer service by sending an email to