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TRADESAFE’s wall safety signs provide vital information that can help prevent employees, clients, and visitors to your facility from getting exposed to various hazards These signs meet the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as well as ANSI Z535 regulations.

For maximum visibility, these workplace safety signs have clear print and are easy to read. Wall safety signs like these are commonly used to display warnings and instructions for safety in industrial spaces. The information on these signs can help direct people away from hazards or instruct them on what to do to avoid exposure to those hazards.

TRADESAFE has a wide variety of signs to choose from. Whatever you may need to communicate, we’ll more than likely have a sign for it. These signs are made of premium-quality materials, with a light-reflective surface that ensures that the words and symbols on the sign will be visible even in low light.

Wall Signs FAQ

Wall signs are a type of signage that can be mounted on the walls in strategic spots in a workplace. These signs usually display warnings, directions, cautionary statements, and more. Mounting a wall sign in a prominent and visible space can help prevent injuries and accidents.

Workplace safety signs can warn of potential hazards and give people directions on where fire extinguishers are, what kind of PPE is required in a specific area, remind people of COVID guidelines, and more.

These signs will have words and symbols that can clearly and concisely communicate important information. They also come in different colors that can indicate the level of danger that people may face in certain areas of your facility.

As a leader in safety, TRADESAFE is proud to offer a range of safety wall signs that include safety suggestions. Here are some of these products:

  • Keep Clear Electrical Panel Area (Complete text:Keep Clear for 36 Inches: Area in Front of Electrical Panel Must Be Kept Clear)
  • Stop Wait Here Floor Sticker
  • Caution Eye Protection Required
  • Hard Hats Required Aluminum Sign
  • Wheels Must Be Chocked Before Loading or Unloading
  • Stop For Your Safety
Prop 65 Cancer-Causing Chemicals Warning Sign (Complete text:WARNING: Entering this area can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
Images on safety signs can reinforce the safety message a workplace sign aims to communicate. Symbols are more easily understood at a glance than text, which might take a little bit of time just by reading it. This is why most safety signs include images that represent a safety hazard. TRADESAFE safety wall signs comply with the OSHA and ANSI standards for images that must be included.

As a general guideline, wall signs should be easily read and understood. ANSI Z35.1 has all the specifications to be used for workplace safety signages. While this standard did not mention any particular font style that should be strictly used, it did mention that the type of lettering should be in block style because “it is more easily read and requires less variance in eye efficiency for the different letters in the alphabet than most other types of letter form”. 

TRADESAFE uses only fonts best suited for maximum readability. By industry standards, commonly used fonts are sans-serif like Helvetica and Verdana.

As part of workplace safety, it’s important that office first responders are able to quickly find fire extinguishers in cases of emergency. Also, fire extinguishers are designed to be easily used by anyone. 

TRADESAFE offers a range of fire extinguisher signs made with industry-grade aluminum. Using this material and high-quality print make our wall signs a lot longer lasting than other signage brands. This means that our fire safety signs are also not prone to wear and tear even in changing weather or extreme temperatures.

Our health and safety wall signs here at TRADESAFE are available to customers all over the United States. You can find our products on ourwebsite andAmazon.
Strategically placing a safety sign in your workplace or establishment is important to guiding people with vision impairments. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as a general rule, a restroom sign should be hung 48 to 60 inches from the floor. Also, a sign must be placed on a wall adjacent to the side where the handle of the door is. This way, a user can easily find which door a safety sign refers to.
TRADESAFE signs do not need to be glued to concrete walls. Our aluminum signs already come with pre-drilled holes which you can use to secure the signs on the wall using screws. If you opt for our floor sticker signs, they can quickly stick to concrete walls securely.
TRADESAFE vinyl signs have a peel-and-stick back that features a strong acrylic adhesive. Although they are marketed as floor stickers, you can stick them on walls just fine.


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