Collection: Pedestal Mount Eyewash Stations

Pedestal Mount Eyewash Stations

For the safety and comfort of employees, industrial facilities should have reliable floor eyewash stations installed in strategic areas. TRADESAFE’s eyewash stations will help minimize or even prevent injuries if harmful substances get into an employee’s eyes.

These units are constructed from durable, leak-proof plastic and can be perfectly useable for years to come. Additionally, they have large reservoirs that can store more than enough water. This way, employees will be able to access a continuous supply of water that can help flush out and harmful substances.


How do you use an eyewash station?

If a hazardous substance has gotten into your eye, get to the nearest eyewash station right away. Once there, hold your eyelids open and let the water wash over your eyeball. Do this for both eyes, even if you think that only one eye was been affected. This ensures that any contamination has been flushed away.

How long should you use an eyewash station?

An eyewash station should be able to provide a continuous flow of water for 15 minutes. The water should be enough for both eyes. If you had gotten a hazardous substance in your eyes, continue flushing for 15 minutes and seek medical attention afterward.

What is the minimum flow rate for eyewash stations?

The minimum pressure for the water flow of an eyewash station should be 0.4 gallons per minute for 15 minutes. Regardless of how the eyewash station is mounted – whether it’s wall-mounted, portable, or pedestal-mounted – this is the minimum amount of water pressure an eyewash station is supposed to be able to produce.

What is a pedestal eyewash station?

A pedestal eyewash station is a free standing unit mounted directly to the floor. This facilitates the installation in very dangerous areas of the workplace.

What material is used for TRADESAFE pedestal eyewash stations?

TRADESAFE pedestal eyewash stations are made of stainless steel material. This not only provides impact resistance, but also heat and fire resistance. Each unit is guaranteed to be durable and compliant with OSHA and ANSI standards.

Can eyewash stations be located near electrical equipment?

It is not recommended to install eyewash stations near any electrical equipment and vice versa. These stations should not be in contact with any equipment that can represent a hazard when wet.

What is a flushing solution?

A flushing solution acts as a cleanser for the eyes in case of being in contact with any hazardous substance/s. There are different solutions that can be used other than water, and they can also be mixed with water. It’s important for employees to understand that they cannot just use any type of liquid for eyewash stations.