What devices can be used for lockout tagout?

Lockout tagout kits include the necessary supplies and devices for an effective lockout tagout procedure. To make sure that your workplace adheres to proper lockout tagout procedures, it’s important to make sure that employees have access to the proper lockout tagout devices.

Lockout tagout procedures typically involve locking out a variety of machines and equipment. Because these machines can vary significantly in nature, employees will need to use a variety of lockout tagout devices. These devices include the following:


Padlocks are perhaps the most versatile among lockout devices because they can be used with nearly any machine, combined with most other lockout tagout devices. They also have writeable labels that can bear the name of the employees that put them on a machine.


Sometimes, it’s possible to have multiple employees working on the same machine. Some devices can accommodate multiple locks, but some accommodate only a single lock or don’t accommodate enough locks. Hasps can accommodate multiple locks that belong to multiple employees.

Circuit Breaker Locks

Circuit breaker locks are designed to ensure electrical isolation. They allow employees to turn off electrical power from the circuit breaker and ensure that the power remains turned off until after all employees are done with their tasks.

Valve Locks

Valve locks are made to isolate valve handles and make them inaccessible. These locks can work with gas valves, water valves, and the like. They are easy to use; simply clamp them over the handle then secure them with a padlock. Additionally, they can work for gate valves and ball valves.

Plug Locks

While circuit breaker locks turn off electrical power from the circuit breaker, plug locks can prevent machines from getting plugged into electrical sockets. This ensures that these machines will not have any electricity and will therefore not be activated until the job is done.


Lockout tagout tags are designed to be easily visible, recognizable, and durable. They typically come with red and black print or green and black print. Additionally, they should be writable and are meant to display information about a specific lockout tagout procedure.

Cable Locks

These cable locks are made to be versatile, adjustable, and durable. In situations where valves or panels are difficult to reach, cable locks can make proper lockout tagout possible.

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