What is an OSHA-compliant Electrical Safety Program?

OSHA electrical safety is separated into industry-specific electrical standards, with various subsections for each. It includes 1910.137, 1915.181, 1917.157, 1926.407, and 1926.950.

General guidelines for electrical safety in accordance with the OSHA standards include:

  1. Before application, all electrical equipment must pass visual inspections.
  2. Equipment should be utilized just for its intended purpose.
  3. Never use defective or unauthorized equipment.
  4. Ensure that all power systems, electrical equipment, and electrical circuits are correctly grounded at all times.
  5. Never use portable electric tools or equipment in wet areas or near exposed wires.
  6. Adhere to all lockout tagout procedures.
  7. Only use non-conductive materials like wood or fiberglass while working near electrical lines.

The material provided in this article is for general information purposes only. It is not intended to replace professional/legal advice or substitute government regulations, industry standards, or other requirements specific to any business/activity. While we made sure to provide accurate and reliable information, we make no representation that the details or sources are up-to-date, complete or remain available. Readers should consult with an industrial safety expert, qualified professional, or attorney for any specific concerns and questions.


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