How do you install a safety lockout tagout hasp?

It’s always recommended that you receive formal training on how to install any lockout tagout devices. Generally, however, hasps are meant to be inserted into the place where a LOTO safety padlock is meant to attach. To install a hasp, open its jaws and place them into the padlock hole of a lockout tagout lock. Slide the two plates together so that all the padlock holes are aligned. Employees will then be able to install as many padlocks, and Danger Do Not Operate tags as the hasp allows. The padlock holes can also accommodate zip ties tied to a tag.

Once a hasp is installed and used by multiple authorized employees, it will not be able to be removed until the last employee is done with their tasks and removes their padlock from the hasp. A hasp is therefore instrumental in ensuring that group lockout tagout procedures are successful.

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