How to install TRADESAFE push button lockouts on emergency stop buttons, switches, and controls?

May 30, 2022 1 min read

Push buttons come in different designs. An appropriate lockout device should be used in locking out a push button to ensure it is effective. The most common type of e-stop button lockout is a transparent box-type or round-shape push button lockout. TRADESAFE push button lockout devices are easy to install. The base of a push button lockout device has a hole that fits over the button so that it may become accessible once the lockout device is opened. The hole also ensures that the button’s functions will not be affected by the push button lockout device. The device can be permanently installed with an adhesive.

The lockout device comes with aligned padlock holes so that it may be secured with a padlock once closed. The padlock must be tagged accordingly to relay information to other workers.


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