Is it possible to temporarily remove a lockout tagout device?

Yes. As part of routine service or maintenance, personnel may be required to temporarily restore energy to a machine or piece of equipment to test or reconfigure the machine or piece of equipment. However, it is crucial to highlight that this only applies to the limited time necessary to complete the task, and full documentation of the procedure must also be done.

Below is a general guideline that must be followed prior to the temporary removal of lockout tagout.

  1. Remove any tools and materials from the machine or equipment.
  2. The area around the machine or equipment must be cleared of people.
  3. Once done, only then can all lockout or tagout devices be removed.
  4. Authorized workers may then energize and test or position the equipment or machinery.
  5. Once testing or positioning is complete, all systems must be de-energized and lockout tagout devices re-applied to continue servicing or maintenance.

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