What are machine-specific lockout tagout procedures?

lockout tagout stations April 30, 2022 1 min read

Machine-specific lockout tagout procedures are made for particular machines and are different from other procedures used in the same facility. Typically, machines have different power sources and should therefore have specific lockout tagout procedures. Each specific procedure is made to handle a particular machine’s power source and how it should be properly shut off.

In general, lockout tagout procedures aim to effectively isolate hazardous power and prevent accidental or unintended machine startup. While this is the gist of all LOTO procedures, each machine should have a separate set of procedures tailored specifically to its characteristics and aspects.

Another benefit to having machine-specific lockout tagout procedures is that they allow you to work more efficiently. If a facility institutes a blanket LOTO procedure for all machines, employees can end up locking and tagging machines that are not dangerous to work on. Employees thus end up wasting time, energy, and resources on a machine that does not need to be locked and tagged.

At the same time, machine-specific lockout tagout procedures ensure that employees don’t overlook any hazards, plugs, switches, and more.

Keeping a LOTO station near machines in a facility can help with the implementation and execution of machine-specific LOTO procedures. Employees won’t have to go in and out of the area to retrieve the devices they need, and organizing the devices will be far easier.


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