What are the 7 steps to group lockout?

lockout tagout lock boxes April 30, 2022 1 min read

Group lockout activities necessitate more cooperation and communication between all employees involved. The following are the 7 steps to a more structured and successful group lockout:

  1. Each lockout point is secured by a designated supervisor.
  2. The supervisor notifies all authorized employees involved in the group lockout.
  3. Each lockout point is secured by the supervisor with a device, padlock, and tag.
  4. All padlock keys are placed into the lock box by the supervisor.
  5. Other authorized employees conducting service or maintenance secure the lock box with a padlock.
  6. Once the group lockout procedure is completed, each authorized employee removes their individual padlock from the lock box.
  7. After removing all padlocks from the lock box, the supervisor recovers all keys from within the lock box.
  8. The supervisor, then, removes the padlocks from the locked out switch, machine, or equipment, indicating that it is now ready for use.


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