What is a lockout tagout station?

A lockout tagout station is a place or a spot where employees can store various lockout tagout devices. With a station like this, employees will be able to easily organize the devices they use regularly. The devices will also be easier to find and will have less of a chance of being misplaced.

Typically, a lockout tagout station should be highly visible and designed to make organizing different devices easy and straightforward. It can come with compartments, hooks, and protective lids.

A LOTO station should itself be made of durable materials that can withstand industrial environments. The board or case and its lid should be impact-resistant so it won’t break easily in case it accidentally falls or gets hit.

The station should also be placed in a strategic spot, either in a central high-traffic area or in a spot close to a machine. Not only does a LOTO station help organize devices, but it also helps employees maintain strict adherence to LOTO procedures.

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