What is the purpose of a lockout tagout procedure?

lockout tagout stations April 30, 2022 1 min read

An effective lockout tagout procedure aims to keep employees safe and unharmed when repairing or doing maintenance work on dangerous machines that can cause a wide range of injuries. LOTO procedures help ensure that there are no dangerous oversights and mistakes that can cause grave injury or even death.

According to OSHA, lockout tagout procedures prevent around 120 workplace deaths and 50,000 more workplace injuries each year. These procedures may sometimes seem like they’re too much, but even the smallest mistakes or mishaps can get someone hurt. Thus, overall, lockout tagout procedures are ultimately beneficial to employers and employees.

Having essential lockout tagout devices nearby and in a consistent, organized spot can help employees adhere better to LOTO procedures. This is why lockout tagout stations aren’t just a simple storage place for devices.


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