What types of industrial circuit breaker locks does TRADESAFE offer?

lockout tagout breaker locks April 06, 2022 1 min read

Depending on the size of the circuit breaker lockout device needed, there are different mechanisms used for the convenience of the authorized personnel. Clamp-on, push-button, and thumbscrew mechanisms are very easy to use.

Circuit Breaker Clamp-On Lock – the versatile type that can easily secure single-pole breaker toggles that are ⅝” to 2-¾” wide and ½” to 1” thick. Available for 120/277 Volt, 480/600 Volt, and 480/600 Volt (Oversized).

Miniature Circuit Breaker Lock – designed for single- and multi-pole circuit breakers. Available in Pin-Out Wide, Pin-In Standard, Pin-Out Standard, and Tie Bar.

Circuit Breaker Lockout Block Components – locks large and irregularly shaped circuit breaker switches and works best with most 480/600V circuit breakers.


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