What types of liquids can TRADESAFE absorbents absorb?

absorbent supplies May 30, 2022 1 min read

TRADESAFE offers a wide range of absorbent supplies that can work with a variety of liquid spills. For instance, TRADESAFE universal absorbents are meant to absorb all kinds of fluids including hydrocarbons, water-based, and oil-based liquids. Oil-only absorbents are only limited to absorbing oil, fuel, and the like, and they are ideal for cleaning an oil spill on water because they will not soak water up, only oil.

There are other specialized absorbents usually packed in spill kits. It is best to use absorbents in specialized kits since they contain not only the most appropriate absorbent for a particular spill, but also other PPE that must be worn by the cleaner to protect himself/herself from the hazardous liquid. For instance:

  • Biohazard spill kitshave absorbents for cleaning up hazardous body fluids like blood, feces, vomit, and more. 
  • Haz-mat spill kits should be used for cleaning up spilled corrosive solvents and acids.
  • Laboratory spill kitscontain nitrile gloves, haz-mat pads, and more to clean up spills that can cause respiratory damage and burns.
  • Mercury spill kitshave absorbents appropriate for cleaning up mercury spills.


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