Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid With Flame-Resistant Clothing

January 07, 2022 2 min read

When you are wearing flame-resistant clothing, it doesn’t mean that you’re already 100% safe. Flame-resistant clothing is just the same as other PPE; it is worthless and you could still get hurt if you don’t use it properly. To ensure that you’re well-protected, here is a list of the top five common mistakes people make when wearing flame-resistant clothing.

Top 5 Common Mistakes When Wearing Flame-Resistant Clothing

1. Outer Layer Clothing Is Not Flame-Resistant

You might be tempted to wear a fashionable outer layer or as added protection against cold weather. However, a non-flame-resistant outer layer can still easily catch fire. Even though your inner clothing may be flame-resistant, non-flame-resistant outer clothing can still ignite and burn, thus putting you in danger. Thus, it’s important to invest in flame-resistant outer clothing for colder months. Clothing like this is worth buying because it can help save your life in the future.

2. Inner Layer Clothing Is Not Flame-Resistant

Undershirts can protect you from sweat, especially during the warmer months. However, it’s important to ensure that your underclothes are also flame-resistant. Even if you’re wearing a flame-resistant outer layer, non-flame resistant underclothes can still catch fire. This can make you vulnerable to burns since fabrics made from polyester or other synthetic materials can easily ignite and burn. These materials can also melt onto your skin. 

3. Rolling Up Your Sleeves 

Want to beat the heat by rolling up your sleeves? If we’re talking safety, then that is not a good idea. Rolling up your sleeves will expose your hands and arms to flash fires, welding splatters, or other potential dangers. To remain comfortable while also ensuring your safety, make sure to wear flame-resistant clothing that is lightweight and moisture-wicking.

4. Leaving Your Flame-Resistant Clothing Unbuttoned or Unzipped

Just as you should avoid rolling up your sleeves, you should also avoid leaving your flame-resistant clothing unbuttoned or unzipped. Leaving your PPE unbuttoned or unzipped is like placing your safety glasses on top of your head and not wearing it properly to protect your eyes. It can expose your skin to life-threatening hazards. Always ensure that you wear your flame-resistant clothing and other PPE properly.

5. Leaving Your Shirt Untucked

Always make sure that your inner shirt is tucked in. Heat and flame can go through it and that may result in serious injury. Consider buying flame-resistant clothing designed to have long shirttails that you can tuck into your pants. Also, going back to our Top 1 and Top 2 common mistakes, always remember to use flame-resistant clothing.


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