Who is responsible for the implementation of the lockout tagout program?

Lockout tagout cannot be performed by one worker alone. Everyone in the workplace has the responsibility to learn and uphold the lockout tagout program. The tasks are divided as follows:


  •   Drafting, updating, and reviewing LOTO procedures
  •   Identifying the people and equipment covered by the LOTO program
  •   Purchasing the necessary personal protective equipment to comply with the program
  •   Ensuring that the implementation of the LOTO procedures is compliant with OSHA standards


  •   Distribution of personal protective equipment to employees
  •   Enforcement of proper usage of PPE
  •   Establishing the appropriate LOTO procedure for each piece of equipment
  •   Monitoring the LOTO performance of employees and authorized personnel

Authorized personnel

  •   Execute the LOTO procedures
  • Report any issues in the program

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