Plug Lockout Device - 220V - Large

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  • High-impact resistant polypropylene plug lock
  • Locks out up to 2 plugs; 3” max diameter
  • 2 cord holes with 1” diameter
  • Integrated Danger warning label
  • Secure with up to 4 LOTO locks

More Details About Large Plug Lockout Device

Unveiling a robust solution for electrical safety, TRADESAFE Large Plug Lockout Device is a tough defense against unauthorized and potentially dangerous energy access. Specifically designed for 220V power cords, this plug lock ensures a secure fit for cords measuring up to 1” in diameter and plugs with a maximum 3” diameter. Crafted from superior polypropylene, it promises resilience against the harshest industrial conditions while eliminating electrical conductivity.

  • Part Number: TSLPGL; similar industry part number: 65675
  • (1) Large electrical plug lock made of rugged and tamper-resistant polypropylene
  • Locks out plugs with a maximum 3” diameter and cords with up to 1” diameter; accommodates up to 2 plugs at the same time
  • Suitable for securing most 220V plugs in different shapes and sizes, such as welding machines, air compressors, HVAC systems, and more
  • Comes with 4 lockout holes for LOTO padlocks with 5/16” shackle diameter; padlocks not included
  • Developed and tested to comply with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.147 standard
  • TRADESAFE is an established USA based and owned industry expert and reliable safety partner for LOTO compliance supplies

Lockout Plug with Unparalleled Versatility

TRADESAFE Plug Lockout is meticulously designed to secure plugs up to a 3” diameter with 1” diameter cord. With two cord holes, this plug lock out facilitates the simultaneous security of two plugs, doubling down on safety and efficiency. And a testament to its unmatched adaptability in various environments.

Tough & Resilient Plug Lockout Device

Engineered with exceptional attention to detail, this plug lock is forged from premium polypropylene. This ensures an extraordinary level of resistance to wear, tear, and industrial forces. Furthermore, the non-conductive nature of polypropylene ensures that electrical hazards are kept at bay, making it a cornerstone of electrical safety in challenging environments.

Plug Lock Designed for Safety

Safety isn't just about functionality; visibility plays a pivotal role. The striking red color of this plug lockout is more than just aesthetically pleasing. It's an indicator of safety, further amplified by the clear 'Danger Locked Out Do Not Remove' label. This ensures that every individual within its vicinity is aware of the potential risks, promoting a safer work environment for all.

OSHA-Compliant Plug Locks For Electrical Plugs

Compliance with the OSHA Standard for The Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout) (29 CFR 1910.147) is vital to the safety of every employee on site. That’s why we make sure that all of our products help workplaces remain OSHA-compliant.

TRADESAFE products are made with the requirements for lockout tagout devices in mind. These are the requirements pursuant to OSHA Standard 1910.147:

  • Durable: Devices must be able to withstand exposure to the environment in which they will be used for as long as necessary.
  • Standardized: Devices used in a facility must be standardized according to color, shape, or size.
  • Substantial: Devices must be difficult to remove without the use of excessive force or techniques that are not typically used to remove the devices. They should also be able to prevent accidental removal.
  • Identifiable: Devices must be able to identify the employee who applied them.
  • Exclusive for Safety: Devices must not be used for any purpose other than controlling energy

TRADESAFE: A Trusted USA-Based Partner in Lockout Tagout

  • TRADESAFE is a USA-based company well-versed in OSHA regulations
  • People-centered supplier of safety products
  • High-quality products made of heavy-duty and durable materials
  • Constant innovation and continuous adaptation to new standards

TRADESAFE is your partner in safety and we always keep the seriousness of that role in mind. That’s why all of our lockout tagout products are industrial-grade and meet regulatory standards. They are all ideal for use in the lockout of electrical and many other energy applications.

We don’t want to just be your supplier. We want to be your partner. For this reason, we approach things differently. Each and every day our team works to improve our products and the services we provide to the great people and businesses that put so much faith in us.

TRADESAFE is a USA-based company. This helps us stay up to date on the latest OSHA safety standards. We are inspired by the American worker and we are honored to help keep you safe from harm and hazards.

Plug Lockout Device - 220V - Large Plug Lockout Device - 220V - Large