10–Keyed Alike Grouping Unlimited A – Green – 2 Keys Per Lock – Lockout Tagout Safety Padlock Set

  • Green non-conductive thermoplastic lock body

  • Stainless steel shackle and brass core

  • Writeable label

  • Safety cylinder with key-retaining feature

  • Matching key ID engraved on lock body and key

  • Each set of padlocks is keyed to match all other Green TRADESAFE Keyed Alike Unlimited Grouping A Padlocks


The Green TRADESAFE Keyed Alike Unlimited Grouping A – 10 Pack is keyed to match all other Green TRADESAFE Keyed Alike Unlimited Grouping A Padlocks. This key grouping will not match with other colored unlimited grouping A padlock sets. This grouping is Green A.

Why choose TRADESAFE? We’ll let this pack of ten (10) TRADESAFE Green LOTO Padlocks do the talking.

  • Grouped unlimited Green A
  • Each lock is keyed alike with 2 keys per lock
  • An American-owned company
  • 100% OSHA Compliant
  • High resilience to extreme environments
  • Lock body: 1-1/2” x 1-3/4”
  • Shackle (L x W x Diameter): 3/4” x 1-1/2” x 1/4”
  • Each set of 10 padlocks are keyed alike and the same as any other TRADESAFE Keyed Alike Unlimited Green A Padlock

We strive every day to create the highest-quality products possible. These padlocks are specially designed using the best engineering and material standards. This ensures that you get the optimal combination of strength, corrosion resistance, and minimal conductivity.

Our locks feature a stainless-steel shackle, a precision-engineered and designed non-conductive thermoplastic unibody, and a high-quality brass cylinder. They stand up to heavy use and have come to be the industry standard for a safety lockout tagout lock. Whatever your lockout need is, these locks will be able to offer an additional layer of safety.

TRADESAFE offers lockout tagout safety devices to anyone working in an environment that may be deemed dangerous. We care about the well-being of our customers, so we design and manufacture our products with you and your safety in mind.


These strong padlocks are intended for use in lockout tagout applications in order to help your workplace be compliant with OSHA standards. The TRADESAFE lockout tagout padlock multi-pack is best-in-class for electrical lockout applications.

This pack includes locks to be combined with electric plug lockouts, hasp lockouts, breaker lockouts, valve lockouts, as well as locking out switches. These locking devices are critical and instrumental in bringing you into compliance with OSHA, as well as with other government compliance systems.

With its bright and distinguishable color, these padlocks are highly visible and eye-catching. This can help workers keep better track of lockout tagout programs and procedures.


The TRADESAFE team of professionals is committed to helping its customers become compliant with OSHA safety requirements. Our lockout devices are incredibly strong and resilient, which is why you can trust them to keep your employees safe.

TRADESAFE has a proven track record and is a brand that you can trust to provide you with reliable safety products. We design all of our equipment and devices so that you can rest easy knowing you will be able to avoid potentially hazardous situations. We have helped a large collection of businesses across many industries and regions of the country, and we aspire to continue assisting new companies in meeting appropriate safety standards.

We are your partner in safety and always keep in mind the seriousness of that role. That’s why all of our lockout tagout products are industrial-grade and meet regulatory standards. They are all ideal for use in the lockout of electrical and many other energy applications.

We don’t want to just be your supplier. We want to be your partner. For this reason, we approach things differently. Each and every day our team works to improve our products and the services we provide to the great people and businesses that put so much faith in us.

TRADESAFE is a USA-based company. This helps us stay up to date on the latest OSHA safety standards. We are inspired by the American worker and we are honored to help keep you safe from harm and hazards.


  • TRADESAFE: A USA-based company well-versed in OSHA regulations
  • People-centered supplier of safety products
  • High-quality products made of heavy-duty and durable materials
  • Constant innovation and continuous adaptation to new standards

TRADESAFE lockout tagout devices are designed to be durable, substantial, standardized, identifiable, and exclusive for safety. Every lockout tagout device we sell complies with best practices for a government-compliant LOTO program.

Our products help secure electrical and mechanical hazards and can be applied to electrical circuit breakers, switches, plugs, boxes, ball valves, lockout hasps, gate valves, and other lockout points.

The proper installation of devices and the adherence to LOTO procedures are the most important parts of keeping employees safe from hazardous energy. Make sure you are trained in LOTO and know how keyed alike safety padlocks can safely be a part of that process.


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