Lockout Tagout Station - XL

  • Wall-mount LOTO station with devices
  • Includes padlocks, hasps, safety tags, and cable ties
  • Compliant with OSHA lockout tagout standards
  • Non-conductive materials


  • 1 lockout tagout station
  • 14 padlocks with 2 keys
  • 4 hasps with 1” diameter jaw
  • 2 hasps with 1-½” diameter jaw
  • 40 safety tags
  • 40 cable ties
  • An American-owned company
  • 100% OSHA compliant
  • Non-conductive materials

The TRADESAFE Industrial grade lockout tagout wall-mount station is best used for lockout applications as part of a comprehensive OSHA compliant safety program. It stores and organizes LOTO device supplies, helping prevent loss and damage. Additionally, the use of a LOTO station can help improve adherence to LOTO procedures and programs.

This package includes:

Polypropylene Wall-Mount Station

Polypropylene is not only considered to be one of the safest types of plastic, but it also has good chemical resistance and is quite strong. This wall-mount station, therefore, is guaranteed to be reliable and durable. It comes with hooks and compartments that can easily and safely store various lockout tagout devices, such as padlocks, hasps, and tags.

A wall-mount station like this is highly visible and can be strategically placed near a machine or in a central, high-traffic area. Because it can help employees keep all the devices they need in one place, this station can help ensure that employees follow procedures to the letter.

This station also comes with a transparent lockable clamshell cover.

Safety Padlocks

These locks are non-conductive and corrosion-resistant thanks to their thermoplastic uni-body design. The locks come with unique serial numbers printed on both lock body and key for easy identification.

The cylinder is solid brass and has a key retaining feature that ensures that users won’t be able to remove the keys until the lock is engaged. Meanwhile, the shackle is made of stainless steel and is 1-½” wide to accommodate most lockout applications.

Lockout Hasps

This kit includes six lockout hasps, 4 with a 1” diameter jaw and 2 with a 1-½” diameter jaw. The jaws are made of chrome-plated steel for durability. The nylon handles, meanwhile, are non-conductive, non-binding, and allow one to six padlocks to be used at once.

Writeable Lockout Tags

These tags have been specifically designed for safety. The tags can be labeled with specific information for the hazard and the employee working on it. Each tag is made of 32-mil thick vinyl, making it rip- and tear-resistant, waterproof, weatherproof, and corrosion-resistant. The bold red and white pattern, as well as the ‘Danger’ ‘DO NOT OPERATE’ labels, make the tags easily visible and identifiable.

Heavy-Duty Zip Ties

These ties can be easily attached by hand, but they won’t be as easy to untie. They are self-locking, non-releasable, non-reusable, and will need more than 50 pounds of pressure in order to be unlocked.


Every product we sell is made to keep people safe from potential dangers. With the health and safety of real people on the line, we do everything we can to make sure that our devices will perform as they should.

Everything we make is 100% compliant with OSHA 1910.147 (Control of Hazardous Energy). By making sure that every piece meets and exceeds these standards, we are confident that our customers will be well taken care of.
TRADESAFE® safety padlocks, devices, and tags adhere to five distinct requirements asked of us by OSHA. These devices are durable, substantial, standardized, identifiable, and exclusively for safety.

The lockout tagout equipment found in this kit is designed to follow all LOTO procedures on electrical plugs, switches, and circuit breakers while also being versatile enough to handle general lockout for other kinds of machinery and other hazards.


We design, engineer, manufacture, and test every single product we sell with a keen eye for quality. Only the best materials and the tightest tolerances will produce equipment that is guaranteed to be as dependable as safety equipment needs to be.

All our devices are made to withstand harsh environments, as well as water and corrosive chemicals that are common in industrial applications. We make sure to over-engineer every device so that it can exceed expectations.
Our products are made to be safe to handle and non-conductive. We use quality nylon and thermoplastics that provide durability without conducting electricity. Every piece is compatible with electrical LOTO applications, ensuring that unexpected shocks won’t be a problem.


  • TRADESAFE: A USA-based company well-versed in OSHA regulations
  • People-centered supplier of safety products
  • High-quality products made of heavy-duty and durable materials
  • Constant innovation and continuous adaptation to new standards

TRADESAFE lockout tagout devices are designed to be durable, substantial, standardized, identifiable, and exclusive for safety. Every lockout tagout device we sell complies with best practices for a government-compliant LOTO program.

Our products help secure electrical and mechanical hazards and can be applied to electrical circuit breakers, switches, plugs, boxes, ball valves, lockout hasps, gate valves, and other lockout points.

Lockout Tagout Station - XL Lockout Tagout Station - XL


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