Energy Solutions During the Green Revolution

energy solutions during the green revolution

Through, Energy Solutions International and Green Revolution created Kinetic energy adapters for gym equipment that allows you to convert that work and energy into energy, as resistance from stationary bikes is converted into electricity and sent back to the gym's power grid. Something of a forward-thinking idea especially during a period when energy consumption is having such an impact. Technically, the stationary bike becomes its own power plant and in some fashion paves the way for similar reuses on a mass scale throughout civil society. This idea, in particular, can immediately scale due to the increasing number of similar exercise devices in commercial gyms across the country.

These gyms could roll the energy right back onto the power grid, which in turn changes the business model for the gym and may lead to further incentive to decrease member fees and increased promotion of heart-healthy exercise inside the facility. The whole idea runs full circle. "By being able to build a better mousetrap," says Chris Maddern of Energy Solutions International. "What you have to do is really be able to stay at the forefront of technology so that less energy is being wasted when it's transferred from the generating source to the consuming source. As you move on, your product has to become more and more efficient."

Maddern was quoted as saying his firm and Green Revolution are working on an initiative to create completely self-sustaining gyms where members could go online to keep track of how much energy they've produced and the resulting carbon offset.

wind energy solution

These and many other innovative ideas are wonderful steps forward by enabling the public to directly participate in green energy production, however, they can also lead to potential electrical dangers and that’s where our Lock Out Tag Out Kits, especially the most basic ones, can play the largest role and keep the employees and public safe during and after the maintenance of the electrical systems all lead into electrical safety. Similar innovations encountered early setbacks, at least in part, to the public perception of accidents, which can be crippling for younger/smaller companies.

Along with a whole host of other safety measures that can be taken, industrial locking devices, Lockout Tagout Tags, Lockout Padlock sets, training in these and other safety procedures, and an understanding of why protecting against energy is so important is going to be critical in moving this idea to the next level.

With industrial and general public energy pulling an increasing amount of demand worldwide, we will continue to see forward-thinking products emerge. With persistence and caution, many of these ideas will power our future in ways once thought of as unimaginable.

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